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Such a varied holiday in Egypt

If when planning trips abroad you pay attention not only to the quality of the service offered, but also to the variety of options for possible recreation, one of the countries that you will be advised to visit by experienced tourism experts is Egypt. The professional staff of the Kazan travel Agency “Natives” agree with the experts of tourism, offering to see and choose tours to Egypt for two from Kazan.

What is Egypt for tourists? Egypt is:

– ideal conditions for ” rest seal”;
– one of the best places for diving;
– ancient sights;– interesting and unusual excursions and so on.

Ideal conditions for ” rest seal”
Holidays in Egypt
The scorching sun, warm gentle sea and the famous Egyptian all inclusive are ideal conditions for a”seal holiday”. However, do not forget that after such a holiday will not only delicious bronze tan, but also the extra pounds, from which then it is so difficult to get rid of.

One of the best places for diving
Diving in Egypt
Divers from all over the world love Egypt for the rich and colorful underwater world of the red sea. Egypt’s red sea is a Paradise for Snorkelling, diving and underwater photography.

The ancient sights
The great Pyramid of Cheops — one of the wonders of the world
Lovers of world secrets and mysteries Egypt beckons with its mysterious pyramids. In this Sunny country you can visit the ancient temples, admire the mysterious Sphinx and see the only surviving ancient wonder of the world (the Great Pyramid of Cheops).

Interesting and unusual excursions
Tours in Egypt
New bright emotions can be experienced by going on interesting and unusual Egyptian tours:

– desert Safari with ATVs or jeeps;
– camel riding;
– sea diving in a submarine;
– journey on the great sacred Nile;
– climbing mount Moses (Sinai);
– boat trip and fishing from the yacht;
– traditional tea with Bedouins and even overnight in the desert.

And this is only a small part of the most interesting and unusual excursions that you will be offered in Egypt, and the memories of such a journey will remain with you for life!

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