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Meshchersky Park in Moscow

Surprisingly, Meshchersky Park has a rich and interesting history. At different times, the territory of the modern Park was visited by many famous personalities of Russian history – from Ivan the terrible to Bulat Okudzhava and Semyon Budyonny. There were also famous foreigners: Napoleon and Quentin Tarantino. And in our days on the trails Meshchersky Park you can often see Roman Abramovich.

Park Meschersky
Since time immemorial, the forest grows on the territory of the modern Meshchersky Park. In XVI century in this forest the first Tsar of all Russia Ivan the terrible arranged falconry. Later this territory was occupied by the possessions of famous noble clans (Trubetskoy, Dolgorukov, Tretyakov, Pushkin).

Meschersky forest
In October 1812 Napoleon passed here, retreating with his army and burning everything in his path.

In the early twentieth century, a holiday village for Soviet writers appeared next to the modern Park. Since then, walking along the forest paths, in different years you could meet Isaac Babel, Boris Pasternak, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Andrei Voznesensky, Bulat Okudzhava, Bella Akhmadullina, Korney Chukovsky and many other famous writers.

The great Patriotic War, fortunately, affected these places only partially. The territory of the modern Park was not the immediate location of military operations, but was near the site of the last attempt of German troops to break into Moscow. Work has been done here to strengthen the defense, the forest was cut down to the tank of the boom, there were many forest debris. Even today in the forest of Meshchersky Park you can find trenches and trenches of those times. After the war, the forest was restored: young birches and firs were planted on the cuttings, but century-old oaks, pines and ash trees were preserved on the territory of Meshchersky Park.

Dashing nineties adversely affected the territory of the modern Park. The forest was heavily polluted, ponds turned into a dump.

December 18, 2007 the company “Eco West”, owned by Roman Abramovich, bought the lease from Mosleskhoz site Bakovsky forest. In 2008, the site received its current name – “Meshchersky Park”. With the new name began a new life-the Park began to put in order.

Meshchersky Park in Moscow
For several years, large-scale works were carried out to clean the forest and water bodies, landscape improvement, picnic areas and places for recreation. The Park was cleared of fallen and diseased trees. In the forest, new Bicycle and pedestrian paths have been laid, combined into a network of various walking routes, sports areas and playgrounds have appeared.

Meshchersky Park in Moscow
Nowadays Meshchersky Park is a magnificent forest Park for recreation in the city. Historical places, wonderful nature, eye-pleasing landscapes, developed infrastructure, many entertainment and sports facilities make Meshchersky Park attractive to all without exception!

Proteins in Meshchera Park
Scheme Meshchersky Park
Diagram (map) Meschersky Park
Active rest in Meshchera Park
Meshchersky Park is an ideal place for lovers of sports and outdoor activities. The Park has an extensive road and path network for walking and Jogging, there are roller and Bicycle paths, and in winter there is a ski trail.

Active rest in Meshchera Park
Periodically in Meshchersky Park various sports competitions (for example, competitions of the well-known series “Thunder”) are held.

Thunder in Meshchera Park
For active recreation and sports activities in the territory of Meshchersky Park are provided:

– Bike path and bike rental points
– Roller track
Area work-out
– Football stadium
– Parkrun Meshchersky

Bike path and bike rental points
Bike rental in Meshchersky Park
On the territory of Meshchersky Park there is a four-kilometer circular Bicycle path. There are two points of bike rental — the entrance to the Park from Novokemerovo the passage and at the entrance to the Park from the Meshchersky pond. You can rent a walking bike, a sports bike, a children’s bike, a Bicycle trailer and a Bicycle seat, and in winter you can rent ski equipment at the rental offices. Rental offices in Meshchersky Park are open daily from 9:00 to 21: 00.

Roller track
The roller track is to Meshchersky Park
On the territory of Meshchersky Park there is a wide roller track with a length of almost 2 kilometers. It is not necessary to come with your rollers: you can rent rollers in rental offices.

Area work-out
Area work-out in Meshchera Park
Area work-out in Meshchera Park street recreation ground in the forest, which includes the horizontal bar, parallel bars, wall bars, rochadi, bench for training of abdominal muscles and other training devices to work with its own weight.

Football stadium
Football stadium in Meshchersky Park
The football stadium in Meshchersky Park is a fenced field in the forest measuring 60×40 meters with artificial turf made of the latest generation material and filled with coconut shavings. For fans there are comfortable stands for 50 seats. From 8:00 to 16:00 the stadium is freely accessible, and from 16:00 to 23:00 it is open only upon prior reservation.

Parkrun Meshchersky
Meshchersky Parkrun in the Park
Parkrun Meshchersky – a Saturday morning five-kilometer Jogging on the paths Meshchersky Park. More information about this absolutely free event for runners you can find on the official website

Meshchersky Park for children
Children will not get bored in Meshchersky Park, because a lot of objects in the Park area created just for them:

– Playground
– Angry Birds Playground
– Children’s Playground

Children’s Playground in Meshchersky Park
Children’s Playground with a game complex Lappset – a rocking and swings, trampolines, slides, climbing elements of varying complexity and much more for the youngest guests meshcherskiy Park.

Angry Birds Playground
Angry Birds Playground in Meshchersky Park
Stylized Playground Angry Birds with swings, stairs, slides and tunnels — this is a town for young visitors Meshchersky Park. Don’t be surprised if your child wants to stay here all day!

Children’s Playground
Children’s Playground in Meshchersky Park
Children’s Playground is located next to the work-out area, and it is no coincidence. The Playground with the HAGS sports complex in Meshchersky Park is also a work-out zone, only for children. Ladders, slides, balancers and other simulators of the modern complex develop courage, agility, endurance and strength in young athletes.

Andpark in Meshchera Park
Andpark in Meshchera Park is a popular adventure Park with routes of varying difficulty. Working hours: round the clock from 10:00 to 19: 00. Read more about Andamarca you can find on the official website

Family vacation in Meshchersky Park
Come to Meshchersky Park with the whole family, because it is an ideal place in Moscow for a family holiday in nature!

Family vacation in Meshchersky Park
In addition to the already listed facilities for family holidays in the Park equipped:

– Picnic areas
– Beach area
– Ecotrail
– Agility

Picnic areas
Kebabs in Meshchera Park
Picnic areas in Meshchersky Park are specially equipped places where you can cook barbecue and have a picnic.

Beach area
The beach in Meshchera Park
In summer, in the beach area of Meshchersky Park, you can swim or soak up on a sun lounger under the gentle sun.

Ecotrail in Meshchera Park
The eco-trail in Meshchersky Park is an information project created by EVRAZ. The aim of the project is to acquaint visitors of the Park with the local flora. On the information boards installed in Meshchersky Park, you can find basic information about the plants and trees growing in this area.

Agility in Meshchera Park
There is a special area in Meshchersky Park for four-legged family members-Agility. This is a real Paradise for active dogs: hard tunnel, hoops, various barriers, slide, slalom and more.

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