Seven wonders of Russia: Baikal
Baikal is a unique Russian lake, which undoubtedly rightfully takes its place in the list of "Seven wonders of Russia". Seven wonders of Russia: Baikal Baikal is: - the deepest…

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Texas apostille. Georgia apostille. New York apostille.
Family visa
In recent years, the term "family visa"can be heard more often in the tourism sector. However, this term is often used, implying completely different concepts. Let's sort out the confusion!…

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Who moved to Moldavia under the name of grandfatherly Krechun?
Good news came from the Moldovan border guards: Mosh krechun crossed the border at one of the border points and headed to Moldova. New Year be! However, if you watch…

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Hotel Romani in Moscow

In an eco-friendly and quiet area of Izmailovo, a ten-minute walk from Pervomayskaya metro station and Lilac Garden, is a four-star Romani-hotel. Visitors are offered an unforgettable stay in one of the 47 designer rooms.

Design a room in hotel Romani
Hotel Romani is located close to public transport, so you can go at any time to see the sights of the capital and monuments. There is ample free Parking in the courtyard, and the city centre can be reached in 30 minutes by car.

Hotel Romani on the map of Moscow

Hotel room
The reason for the visit to the capital can be a business meeting, scientific conference, business trip, honeymoon or family vacation. In each situation, to order a room you need to contact the administrator or leave a request on the website.

Category of room:
– steward
– economy plus
– standard
– lux
– author’s apartments

The rooms are modern and stylish, the unique interior of each room was created by professional designers. The light intensity of the rooms can be adjusted individually. The apartment has comfortable furniture and plasma TVs, free Wi-Fi.

Romani hotel room
Upon arrival, guests are offered tea and free Breakfast. Gourmet treats for guests and regular customers of the hotel are prepared by experienced chefs. Snacks and home-cooked meals are available 24 hours a day. Dishes are decorated at the level of the best restaurants in Moscow, and you can enjoy them in the company of friends and family in the buffet or in a calm and quiet room. In the buffet you can find drinks for every taste.

The boutique sauna “Santorini” will comfortably accommodate a company of 6 people, all will be treated to free tea. Visitors can bring their own food and drinks or order at the bar. Boutique saunas offer electronic hookahs with different tastes.

Sauna at hotel Romani
Families with children can have fun at the hotel. The sauna has a dandy console with popular games of the 90s (more than 800 themed games). You can play table football at the hotel.

Advance booking
Get a complete picture of the service, prices, and how in reality look like the proposed hotel rooms, will help high-quality photos gallery on the official website of the hotel. To book a room at the hotel Romani is very simple, you need to contact the administrators of the hotel in any convenient way.

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