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Beach resorts in Catalonia

Catalonia is an autonomy of Spain, located in the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula, between the Mediterranean coast and the Pyrenees. This famous region of Spain with a rich history is known for its unique culture, interesting traditions and customs and, of course, its magnificent resorts. The mild temperate climate of the Mediterranean coast provides comfortable weather almost all year round. And the beautiful beaches of Catalan resorts, many of which are annually awarded the international award “Blue flag”, are known far beyond Spain. No wonder our rich compatriots are so eager to buy property in Catalonia on the coast.

Catalonia beach resorts on the map
The most famous beach resorts of Catalonia
The most famous beach resorts of Catalonia:

1. Costa Brava (Costa Brava)
2. Costa del Maresme (Costa del Maresme)
3. Costa Dorada (Costa Dorada)

Costa Brava (Costa Brava)
Resorts In Catalonia: Costa Brava (Costa Brava)
Costa Brava (Costa Brava) — resort province of Girona, located on the coast of the North-East of Catalonia. The name of the resort Costa Brava (translated from Spanish — “Harsh coast”) is quite justified: along the coast stretch impregnable cliffs and cliffs, which are interspersed with picturesque bays and bays with a variety of beaches. Costa Brava-a beach for every taste: pebble and sand, small and large, municipal and “wild” and so on.

Costa del Maresme (Costa del Maresme)
Resorts in Catalonia: Costa del Maresme (Costa del Maresme)
Just South of the Costa Brava on the coast of Catalonia is the resort of Costa del Maresme (Costa del Maresme). The mountain ranges of the Pyrenees protect this Sunny resort from the North winds, providing a long beach season. Along the Costa del Maresme stretch gentle sandy beaches, near which there are restaurants, cafes and hotels of different categories.

Costa Dorada (Costa Dorada)
Resorts In Catalonia: Costa Dorada (Costa Dorada)
Another popular resort in Catalonia — Costa Dorada (Costa Dorada). The name of the resort Costa Dorada (translated from Spanish — “gold coast”) was due to the magnificent beaches with fine Golden sand. However, tourists with children choose among the resorts of Catalonia is this not only because of the convenient beaches, but also because located on the Costa Dorada famous amusement Park “PortAventura” (“PortAventura”).

Resorts of Catalonia are waiting for all lovers of beach holidays! On the Catalan coast, any traveler will find the perfect beach for an unforgettable holiday.

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