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Bus tours of Portugal: Evora

Many travelers dream to go on a bus tour of Europe. Bus tours are very popular among tourists for many reasons: some are attracted by affordable prices, while others seek to see the country “from the inside” or visit as many attractions as possible during the trip. Whatever it was, this method of travel is quite popular among our tourists. Very popular bus tour of Portugal.

Portugal (officially the Portuguese Republic) is the westernmost country in continental Europe, bordering Spain to the North and East. In the South and West the country is washed by the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean. Portugal attracts tourists not only with its unique location, but also with its mild Mediterranean climate and rich culture.

Most bus tours in Portugal necessarily include in their program a visit to the city of Evora. Evora is a city in Eastern Portugal, the center of the historic province of Alto Alentejo. Evora is not just a city, but a city — Museum, included in the UNESCO world heritage list. The city, which was influenced by medieval kings, Romans and Moors, has preserved many architectural gems. In Evora you can see churches, monasteries and amazing Moorish palaces. The interweaving of several cultural traditions creates a unique look of the city. The variety of architecture makes Evora different from other cities.

City of Evora in Portugal
In Evora is the oldest Roman temple in the country-the temple of Diana, built around the first century ad. Throughout its history, the temple was used for various purposes, it was even a slaughterhouse. Now the unique object is available for visiting of tourists and invariably serves as a subject of their admiration.

Roman Temple of Diana in Evora
After the decline of Rome, the city was captured by the Moors, this era of history Evora reflected in the architecture of the Moorish quarter.

In the center of Evora is one of the most interesting Gothic monuments of Portugal — the Cathedral of CE (Evora Cathedral). The Cathedral has a portal with statues of the Apostles and a beautiful altar of the virgin and Child, made of gilded wood.

The Sé Cathedral Evora
Many tourists go to the Royal Palace in Evora, but the chapel of San Francisco, decorated with human bones, is visited by not every daredevil.

Royal Palace in Evora
After a long walk around the city, you can enjoy Portuguese national cuisine in the many restaurants and cafes. Local wines are also available.

Evora can rightly be attributed to the number of architectural phenomena. Labyrinths of streets, ancient buildings, squares and fountains create a unique atmosphere in which you fall in love so quickly that you do not want to leave this city at all!

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