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Early booking or last minute tour?

“Early booking or last minute tour?”

This is the eternal question of many tourists. And with early booking of the tour, and when buying last minute can be decently save compared to buying a regular tour, and a good rest and at the same time save on vacation — it is a natural desire of every traveler. We all want to go to a higher rank hotel, spend more days on vacation and pay at the same time not very much money.

Let’s look at both ways to save when buying a tour:
– early booking of the tour
– buying last minute trip

Early booking of the tour
Early booking is the purchase of a tourist voucher a few months before the holiday. The time from the purchase of the tour to the rest for early booking varies and is determined by the tour operator depending on various factors. The most common early booking scheme is the sale of summer tours in the winter and the sale of new year tours in the summer. According to statistics, when buying a tour in advance you can save up to 30% of the cost of the tour. In addition, with early booking, many tour operators provide the client with the opportunity to pay for the ticket in parts. Another advantage when buying a tour in advance — a large selection of hotels and hotels for recreation. In advance, you can book your favorite hotel, or the hotel in which you have always dreamed to relax, and when buying a regular tour in the high tourist season, there may not be any free places in this hotel.

Early booking
Early booking of a tour is an ideal option for travelers who like to plan their holidays thoroughly. However, sometimes different circumstances can ruin all the plans, just in this case, the tour bought with early booking can become burning.

Buying last minute trip
Burning tour is a tour package for the nearest dates, sold by the tour operator at a reduced price to somehow compensate for the costs of the unrealized tour. Savings when buying a burning tour can be enormous, because there are cases when tickets are sold almost at their own cost or with a minimum margin. The main disadvantage of burning tours-no choice (you can only choose to buy or not to buy the proposed option). In addition, it is unknown whether there will be last-minute tours when you are ready to buy them.

Hot tour
Buying a burning tour is the perfect option for incorrigible adventurers and “easy-going”travelers. Often, a tourist will have only two or three days to see hot tours, buy a suitable ticket and pack a suitcase.

So, early booking and buying a burning tour have their advantages and disadvantages. However, both options will help to save money when buying a vacation package. How to save money on vacation-the choice is yours!

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