Uzbekistan-Central Asia with Oriental flavor
They say that appetite comes with eating, as well as with travel: the more you travel, the more you want to see different countries, beautiful cities, unusual sights and interesting…

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Family visa
In recent years, the term "family visa"can be heard more often in the tourism sector. However, this term is often used, implying completely different concepts. Let's sort out the confusion!…

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Winter wizards around the world
In Russia, the main fairy — tale character of the new year holidays-Santa Claus. A kind grandfather with a long snow-white beard wears a red, blue, blue or white fur…

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Rest in Altai Krai

Altai, the beauty of these magical places can not be described in words and even difficult to convey with the help of photos. Majestic mountain ranges, clear lakes and fairytale forests — a common Altai landscapes fascinate travelers coming here! Therefore, the Altai territory has long attracted tourists not only from Russia but also from different parts of the world.

Rest in Altai Krai
Altai resort of Belokurikha
In the South-East of Altai at the foot of mount Tserkovka is a popular health resort Belokurikha.

Altai resort of Belokurikha
Tourists come here to relax body and soul: to calm the nerves and heal. This is a real health tourism, because here even the air and water — healing! Foothill air enriched coniferous forests, the habit just intoxicated guests from big cities, and hot springs with radon waters literally rejuvenate.

Brief historical information about the health resort Belokurikha
The history of the famous resort begins in the distant 1920s, when the village Novobelokurikha founded a resort village. A big leap in the development of the resort was in the sixties: the territory was built many resorts. As a result, in 1970 the resort village received the status of a resort of all-Union importance. In 1982 Belokurikha became a city, and since 1992 is a resort of Federal importance. In 2016, the Altai research Institute of balneology was founded in Belokurikha. Employees of the research Institute study the natural healing factors of the resort and develop methods of recovery on their basis, as well as make programs for the development of the sanatorium complex of the region.

Today in Belokurikha there are several dozens of sanatoriums, health resorts and boarding houses. One of the best resorts of the resort — Altai castle.

Altayskiy Zamok
Sanatorium Altai castle in Belokurikha
Altai castle is a sanatorium in Belokurikha, located near a quiet picturesque Park area, almost in the heart of the resort.

Sanatorium Altai castle on the map of Belokurikha resort

Altai castle is not just a health resort, but a Wellness center with a huge base of traditional and modern methods of recovery and high-tech innovative equipment.

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