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Family visa

In recent years, the term “family visa”can be heard more often in the tourism sector. However, this term is often used, implying completely different concepts. Let’s sort out the confusion!

Family visa
Forgive the tautology, but let’s start at the beginning.

What is visa?
A visa is a document authorizing the crossing of state borders. If we understand in more detail, the visa-a permit that is issued to a citizen of any state to cross borders and stay in the territory of another (foreign) state. If the countries conclude an agreement on visa-free regime, or are members of visa unions, the issuance of visas for citizens of these countries is not required(or a simplified visa regime).

Visa classification
Each country has its own classification of visas with different names, but there are two General categories of visas: immigration and nonimmigrant.

An immigrant visa grants the holder the right to live and work in a foreign country on a permanent basis.

A nonimmigrant visa entitles the holder to enter and temporarily stay in a foreign country for a specific purpose.

There are different types of nonimmigrant visas in different countries:

– transit visa,
– tourist visa,
– family visa,
– student visa,
– work visa,
– business visa,
– diplomatic visa

and so on.

What is a family visa?
Family visa is a nonimmigrant visa, the basis of which is the invitation of a relative who is a citizen or resident of a foreign country. The lists of kinship in different countries vary (it can be children, parents, sisters, brothers, spouses, and so on).

Often, however, when talking about a family visa, mean visa for the whole family traveling to a foreign country ( In fact, family visa is not one visa for the whole family, and a set of separate visas for all family members.

So now we have sorted out the confusion with the term “family visa” and finally understand what it means.

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