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Seven wonders of Kuzbass: Tomsk Pisanitsa

“Tomsk Pisanitsa — – cultural, historical and natural Museum-reserve, located in a forested area on the high right Bank of the river Tom near the village of pisanaya (fifty kilometers North-West of the city of Kemerovo). The unique open-air Museum was established in accordance with the decree Of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR on February 16, 1988.

Museum ” Tomsk Pisanitsa»
The Museum complex “Tomsk Pisanitsa” consists of Museum objects and expositions, combined with each other and with the surrounding natural landscape in one storyline, which is based on the idea of showing the ways of existence of people in this geographical area from ancient times to the recent past.

Ancient sanctuary
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Ancient sanctuary
The main object of the Museum (the Ancient sanctuary) – a rock on the right Bank of the Tom, which found about three hundred ancient petroglyphs. The earliest rock paintings were made about 4000 years ago. The rock depicts people, boats, sun signs, birds, bears, moose and other animals. Many images are unique and are masterpieces of primitive art.

Petroglyphs in the Tomsk Pisanitsa
However, “Tomsk Pisanitsa” is not only a unique petroglyphs of the Ancient sanctuary, it is a modern dynamically developing multi-Museum complex, perfectly combining the specifics of the Museum with cultural, educational and scientific activities. Nowadays, the Museum-reserve “Tomsk Pisanitsa” has gone beyond the study of local lore: the Museum sites present the culture and history of peoples living both directly in the Kemerovo region and in other territories.

Video Crossroads of eras

Objects and expositions of the Museum-reserve “Tomsk Pisanitsa»
– Ancient sanctuary
– Shor ulus Kezek
– Mythology and epos of the peoples of Siberia
– Slavic mythological forest
– Archeodrome
– Geology Of The Kuznetsk Basin
– Chapel in honor of Saints Cyril and Methodius
– Territory of fairy tales
– Asian rock art Museum
– Mongolian Yurt
– Hunter’s camp
– Pchelkina life
– Mini-zoo

Shor ulus Kezek
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Shor ulus Kezek
The architectural and ethnographic complex “Shor ulus Kezek” is a reconstruction of residential and economic buildings of the Shor people of the late XIX – early XX centuries. Here you can visit the house of a wealthy shorz, a summer kitchen, a bath, a smithy and a shaman’s house.

Mythology and epos of the peoples of Siberia
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Mythology and epos of the peoples of Siberia
The exposition complex “Mythology and epos of the peoples of Siberia” is a reconstruction of places of worship of the ancient Siberian peoples. Here you can see the cult stone statues, shrines and altars.

Slavic mythological forest
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Slavic mythological forest
The exposition complex of pre-Christian Slavic culture “Slavic mythological forest” is a reconstruction of the ancient Slavic pagan temple, where models of idols of the main Slavic deities are installed.

Tomsk Pisanitsa: Archeodrome
The exhibition complex “Archeodrome” is a reconstruction of ancient dwellings and graves of Siberian peoples from the bronze age to the early middle Ages. Here you can learn about the lifestyle and traditions of residential architecture of the peoples of Siberia.

Geology Of The Kuznetsk Basin
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Geology of the Kuznetsk basin
The exposition “Geology of Kuzbass” is a kind of stone garden in the open air. It contains fragments of various ores and rocks representing the richness of the subsoil of Kuzbass.

Chapel in honor of Saints Cyril and Methodius
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Chapel in honor of Saints Cyril and Methodius
The chapel in honor of Saints Cyril and Methodius is a functioning Orthodox Church built according to the canons of ancient Russian architecture on the picturesque Bank of the Tom river. This is a special part of the Museum for the staff, because almost all of them participated in the construction of the chapel.

The territory of fairy tales
Tomsk Pisanitsa: the territory of fairy tales
The territory of fairy tales is the most fabulous place of the Museum “Tomsk Pisanitsa”, because here is the residence of the Kuzbass Father Frost, and all new year and Christmas holidays of the Museum are held.

Asian rock art Museum
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Museum of rock art of Asia
The Museum of Asian rock art is Russia’s largest repository of copies of ancient Asian petroglyphs. The Museum has a rich collection of copies of unique rock paintings found not only in Siberia, but also in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, India, China and other countries.

Mongolian Yurt
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Mongolian Yurt
This Mongolian Yurt with authentic furniture and a variety of household items. Here you can get acquainted with the traditional way of life of Mongolian nomads and pastoralists.

Hunter’s camp
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Stan hunter
The interactive zone “hunter’s Camp” is a reconstruction of a trade hut near which models of hunting traps of the peoples of Siberia are placed.

Pchelkina life
Tomsk Pisanitsa: Pchelkina life
Bee life is an interactive area where visitors can see full-size models of a variety of bee hives used from ancient times to the present day. Also here you can learn a lot of interesting facts about bees and honey.

Tomsk Pisanitsa: Mini-zoo
The history of the Museum mini-zoo began in 1996, when there was the first inhabitant – a small nimble bear. Nowadays, the Museum mini-zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, some of which can even feed when visiting.

Tours of the Museum ” Tomsk Pisanitsa»
Employees of the Museum “Tomsk Pisanitsa” spend a lot of exciting interactive excursions, during which you can try to learn different crafts, shoot a hunting bow, swim in the rejuvenating font and even taste Rejuvenating apples.

Video Tour of “the Tale about Rejuvenating apples and Living water”

Tours of the Museum ” Tomsk Pisanitsa»:

– Crafts center
– Hunting tales
– Legends Of The God Rod
– Tale of Rejuvenating apples and Living water
– Tales Of Grandmother Yaga
– Conversations Of Santa Claus
– Mysterious voice of Asia
– Crimson ring
– Pchelkina life
– Time travelers
– Mystery of the vanished village

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