Traveler's calendar for 2019
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The perfect journey through the Promised Land
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Hostels in Kharkiv

What is hostel?
Recall hostel (translated from English hostel-hostel) – a European system of accommodation, providing its guests for a long or short term place to stay (usually — a bed without additional amenities in the room).

Hostels in Kharkiv (Ukraine)
If you need to book a hostel for rent in Kharkov, you should pay attention to the hotel chain HOSTEL. HOSTEL is a whole network of hostels in Kharkiv, so you can choose the right option not only for the price, but also for a convenient location in the city. Regardless of the choice, in all hostels of the network you will be met by friendly staff, and at your disposal there will be not only a bed, but also a bathroom with a hot shower, a kitchen for cooking, a safe for storing valuables and free Wi-Fi for Internet access. Will please visitors and a good system of discounts.

Hostel in Kharkov rest Room in the hostel
Advantages of living in a hostel
The main and probably the only unrealistic advantage of living in a hostel is the low price of renting accommodation. Also, the advantages include a large social interaction between the guests of the hostel: the opportunity to make new friends and get a pleasant chat.

Disadvantages of living in a hostel
Disadvantages of living in a hostel – a minimum of comfortable living conditions (most often the hostel-it’s just a bed for the night) and the need to share the premises of the hostel (living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet) with other guests.

In some cases, it is advisable to stay in a hostel?
Accommodation in a hostel is advisable if the accommodation you need only for the night. For example, if you go on a trip for a few days to another city and plan to walk all day long, resting only for a meal in a cafe or in restaurants, it makes no sense to overpay for a hotel room where you will only spend the night. That is why there are so many hostels in European cities.

It is very profitable to book a hostel if you are traveling with a large company: with a successful scenario, you will be able to book all the places and stay in the hostel without strangers for a minimum price.

So, now you know not only the advantages and disadvantages of living in hostels, but also where you can book a hostel in Kharkov, if necessary.

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