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Russian black sea resorts: Adler

How often we dream of a vacation at sea! So I want to swim in warm water, soak up the gentle sun and take a NAP on a chaise longue, inhaling the salty sea air! Today, however, rest in foreign resorts will cost a pretty penny. It is good that there are native black sea resorts!

Russian black sea resorts
Domestic tourism, that is, the rest of the country, will save you from spending precious time and money on registration of passports and visas, in addition, the rest will not be spoiled by the difficulties of the language barrier. At the same time, the place of rest can be reached not only by plane, but also by train, bus, or even arrange a trip by car, which is very important for travelers with a fear of flying and for travelers with young children.

Sochi — sun
The most famous and popular Russian black sea resort is Sochi. Mild subtropical climate, gentle warm sea, picturesque mountain ranges, centuries-old forests and more than two hundred Sunny days a year will make your stay in the southern capital of Russia unforgettable. Sochi resort has been greatly transformed after the legendary winter Olympic games in 2014: there are many new modern hotels and Inns, as well as significantly improved tourist infrastructure. Today Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia, which consists of four inner-city districts (Central, Adler, Lazarevsky, Khostinsky), so the rest in the resort capital of our country is very diverse and largely depends on the place of stay.

Rest in Sochi is:

– VIP-relax in first-class hotels with European service for the tourists or ultra-low-cost “stay savage” in tents for fans of unity with nature;

– quiet measured family vacation with children on the sea or bright club nightlife for young people;

– exciting excursions and interesting sights for active tourists or a relaxing Wellness holiday in sanatoriums;

– the conquest of mountain peaks or the conquest of the deep sea (diving), as well as many other extreme entertainment for adrenaline lovers;

and so on.

If you need a budget option of rest in Sochi, it is better to go to Adler district.

Adler-city district of Sochi
The popular summer resort Adler is the administrative center of Adler district of Sochi. Private mini-hotels and mini-hotels of Adler are waiting for guests all year round and are ready to offer a very comfortable stay at reasonable prices. To save even more is possible if in advance to rent housing in the private sector Adler:

Do not worry that arriving in Adler, you will get bored. This is almost impossible, because Adler is not only a beach holiday: in Adler you will find many interesting places and attractions, to see that for a couple of days just will not work.

What to do in Adler?
– Enjoy the sea and beach holidays.

Adler Beach
Relax in Adler can be all year round, but the largest number of tourists come here, of course, in the summer to soak up the sun on the beaches and swim in the warm sea. Don’t forget sunscreen!

– Relax listening to the birds singing in The natural ornithological Park.

– Improve your health in spas and resorts in Adler.

In Adler, well-developed health tourism-in the resort area there are many resorts and sanatoriums equipped with modern medical equipment.

– Enjoy mineral healing water from the Adler pump room.

– Go To the Park ” Southern culture»

In the dendrological Park “Southern cultures”, founded in 1910, collected plants from almost all over the world.

– Visit the Automobile Museum.

– Go to Sochi Park.

Sochi Park in Adler
Sochi Park is the first theme Park in Russia, the idea of which is based on the historical and cultural wealth of our country.

– Learn a lot of interesting facts about Adler In the Museum of history of Adler district.

– Visit Adler aquarium “Sochi Discovery World Aquarium”.

“Sochi Discovery World Aquarium” with an acrylic tunnel length of 44 meters — the largest aquarium on the southern coast of Russia.

– To watch dolphins in the Adler Dolphinarium.

– Admire the ostriches on the ostrich farm.

But be careful: these big funny birds hurt pinched.

– Have fun at the Adler water Park.

– Feel like a participant of the Olympic games by visiting the Olympic Park.

Adler Olympic Park
Take a stroll along the Olympic promenade and be sure to skate in the Olympic ice palaces.

And this is only a small part of the entertainment that awaits you in Adler. So pack your bags and come to Adler!

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