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We have already told our regular readers about the different popular destinations of tourism: - health tourism, - gastronomic tourism, - extreme tourism, - ecotourism, - shopping tours, Fortuna tours…

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Seven wonders of the world: Temple of Artemis in Ephesus
Temple of Artemis in Ephesus — an ancient temple built in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus (in our days — the city of Selcuk in Turkey). The temple was…

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New Year 2019 in Sochi: review of hotels with the best entertainment programs
A few days remain until the lightest family holiday. Someone likes to celebrate the New Year in the cozy atmosphere of his home, and someone prefers a fun holiday in…

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SDWA aquarium in Sochi

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium (SDWA) is a large aquarium in the Adler district of the famous resort of Sochi. Every day Adler Aquarium is visited by crowds of tourists vacationing at the popular black sea resort. What attracts visitors to this Adler attraction?

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
Sochi Discovery World Aquarium is:

– the largest aquarium on the southern coast of Russia (total area – about 6000 square meters);
– 31 aquarium zones (the total volume of aquariums is about 5 million liters of water);– more than 400 species of fish from different reservoirs of the world;
– large underwater tunnel (length-44 meters);
– large viewing window (area-24 square meters);
– ponds with koi carp, which can be fed directly from the hands;
– exposition “of the rainforest»;
– exhibition ” Remains of a sunken ship»;
– daily shows;
– diving centre.

The aquarium in Sochi opened on December 26, 2009. Specialists from different countries participated in the design, construction and equipping of SDWA. The aquarium is divided into several zones. Professional guides meet guests and conduct exciting excursions, telling about the inhabitants of the aquarium and the structure of the exhibitions.

Tours to Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
The exhibition “rainforest»
Rainforest in Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
Aquarium exposition “Rainforest” is dedicated to freshwater fish. You will find yourself in the middle of a rainforest near a small waterfall. In open pond float fun more Koi that you can feed directly with hands. Fish food is sold in special vending machines located near the ponds. In aquariums exhibition “Rain forest” you can see over a hundred species of freshwater fishes from different parts of our planet: gourami, discus, piranhas, cichlid and others.

Exhibition ” Remains of a sunken ship»
Remains of a sunken ship in Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
The exhibition “Remains of a sunken ship”is one of the expositions of the marine zone of the Sochi Discovery World Aquarium. Walking along the long underwater tunnel, you can see not only the sunken ship, but also observe the inhabitants of the seas: sharks, rays, turtles, seahorses and other inhabitants of the seas swim nearby.

Show program Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
Mermaid in Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
Twice a day in the Sochi Aquarium show the real theatrical underwater performance-a fabulous show with mermaids and other sea heroes. In the show turns and the usual feeding of the inhabitants of the aquarium, during which experienced divers ride on the slopes and dance with turtles.

A diving centre, Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
Diving center in Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
In the Adler Aquarium you can not only watch the fish, but also swim with them, imagining yourself Ichthyander or even Neptune. Sochi Discovery World Aquarium provides an opportunity to dive in the marine pool of the aquarium under the guidance of experienced instructors of the diving center.

In addition to aquarium exhibitions in Sochi Discovery World Aquarium you can visit:

– themed cafe where you can relax and have a snack;
– Banquet hall, which hosts receptions, celebrations and corporate events;
– entertainment arcade for children and their parents;
– photo Studio to capture your underwater journey;
– souvenir shop where you can buy gifts from the underwater Kingdom.

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SDWA aquarium in Sochi
Sochi Discovery World Aquarium (SDWA) is a large aquarium in the Adler district of the famous resort of Sochi. Every day Adler Aquarium is visited by crowds of tourists vacationing…


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