Seven wonders of Russia: Baikal
Baikal is a unique Russian lake, which undoubtedly rightfully takes its place in the list of "Seven wonders of Russia". Seven wonders of Russia: Baikal Baikal is: - the deepest…

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Uzbekistan-Central Asia with Oriental flavor

They say that appetite comes with eating, as well as with travel: the more you travel, the more you want to see different countries, beautiful cities, unusual sights and interesting places. But if you are a tourist with experience and “standard” European tours are already tired, you should pay attention to the countries of the East and Asia. Uzbekistan tours will surprise you unexpectedly and pleasantly.

Uzbekistan-Central Asia with Oriental flavor
Uzbekistan is a country with an Oriental flavor, located in the Central part of Central Asia. The state of Uzbekistan itself is quite young, but the area in which it is located, keeps a long history with a bright original culture and beautiful traditions. In the ancient cities of Uzbekistan (Bukhara, Kokand, Rishtan, Samarkand, Halchayan, Khiva and others), you may get the feeling that you have made a journey through time and found yourself in the past — in the Ancient East, or in some Eastern fairy tale.It is best to plan a trip to the Eastern fairy tale in the spring or autumn — these are the seasons with the most favorable weather for visiting Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan-Eastern fairy tale
What must be done in Uzbekistan?
– Arrange a walk around Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan) and go down to the metro — the only one in Central Asia.

Tashkent metro is the only metro in Central Asia
– Visit the ancient cities of Uzbekistan and enjoy the unusual architecture and Oriental flavor.

– Go on a tour of “Ancient Sogdiana” and learn a lot of interesting facts about the long-standing Wonderland.

– Sing the song of the group Yalla “Uchkuduk-three wells” in the city Uchkuduk and find out whether it is true that:

“Anyone in Uchkuduk will tell the old man,
How the beautiful city appeared in the desert,
As the blue sky flashed home,
And as surprised nature itself…”

– To test yourself-to spend a night in the Kyzylkum desert.

– To get acquainted with the Uzbek Father frost-KOR Bobo, if you stay in Uzbekistan during the new year holidays.

– To appreciate the Oriental hospitality, which begins in Uzbekistan with fragrant tea.

– To arrange gastronomic tourism-to try dishes of national Uzbek cuisine (first of all, of course, traditional Uzbek pilaf cooked in a cauldron).

Traditional Uzbek pilaf
– Taste local dry wines, but the main thing-do not overdo it!

– Ride on the stubborn Uzbek donkeys, unless of course they deign to ride you.

– Go to the Bazaar, you can not even buy anything, but be sure to bargain!

Bazaar in Uzbekistan
And this is only a small part of the entertainment that awaits you in Uzbekistan. If you want to experience new colorful emotions from the trip, then go to the Eastern fairy tale-Uzbekistan!

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