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Winter wizards around the world

In Russia, the main fairy — tale character of the new year holidays-Santa Claus. A kind grandfather with a long snow-white beard wears a red, blue, blue or white fur coat. In his hands he has a magic staff and a bag of gifts. Father frost drives a sleigh pulled by three horses. Accompanies winter magician granddaughter snow maiden, and sometimes a Boy New Year — kid in a red coat and hat with the number of the coming year in a sling.

In addition to the main wizard Santa Claus in many regions of Russia has its own winter wizards:

* in Yakutia, the Lord of the cold Chyskhaan,
* in Chuvashia — Hel Moochie,
* in the Udmurt Republic — Tol Babai,
* in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan — Kish Babay,
* in Karelia pakkayne (“Frost” translated from the Karelian language),
* Yamal — Nenets Autonomous Okrug-Yamal IRI.

Yamal IRI-Father frost in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
In Belarus and Ukraine
In Belarus, Santa Claus is called Dzed Maroz or Zyuzya, and in Ukraine-Did Moroz.

What is also called Santa Claus and snow maiden in different countries?

* In Armenia: Dzmer Papi (Grandfather Winter) and Znanost.
* In Azerbaijan: mine Woman and Gargus.
* In Kyrgyzstan: Ayaz ATA and Ayaz Kyz (snow maiden).
* In Kazakhstan: Ayaz ATA and Akshakar (snow White).

Funny call Grandfather Frost in Bulgaria — the Dyado Mraz.

In Moldova and Romania
Mosh krechun-Santa Claus in Moldova and Romania
Father frost in Moldova and Romania — Mosh krechun (Grandfather Christmas) — wears a red sheep’s sheepskin coat and a high hat kushma of sheep fur, like a General’s hat. Accompanied by a good grandfather granddaughter the snow maiden, and a little lamb.

in Uzbekistan
In Uzbekistan, the new year wizard-KOR Bobo (Snow Grandfather). Instead of the usual red fur coat Uzbek Santa Claus wears a striped robe. On his head is not a fur cap, and festive skullcap. And travels of Uzbek KOR Bobo on a donkey, accompanied by his granddaughter Korgiz.

KOR Bobo-Santa Claus in Uzbekistan
in Mongolia
Uvlin Uvgun — Santa Claus in Mongolia
Father frost in Mongolia — Uvlin Uvgun-wears the traditional clothes of a cattleman: a long sheepskin coat and a big hat made of Fox fur. In the hands of the Mongolian Santa Claus whip, which reminds children that it is necessary to behave. Uvlin Uvgun comes to holiday together with Susan Ohen (Girl of the Snow) and Lived Shine (Boy New Year).

In North America and Western Europe
Santa Claus-American Santa Claus
Santa Claus (Santa Claus) is a North American and Western European Santa Claus. Santa is a kind well-fed grandfather with a wide snow-white beard and a big mustache. Father Christmas wears red pants and a red sheepskin coat with a white fur fringe. Santa Claus moves on a magic sleigh pulled by reindeer.

in France
Per Noel-Santa Claus in France
In France in new year celebrations come Pere Noel (Father Christmas) and Per Fueter (my rods). Per Noel looks like Santa Claus from the United States. Per Fueter — bearded old man in a dark cloak and a fur cap, behind it is a basket of rods. Pere Noel distributes gifts to the good children, while Pere Fueter brings a naughty naughty children.

In Spain and the Basque Country
Papa Noel and Olentzero — Spanish Santas
In Spain, Santa Claus is called Papa Noel (Papa Christmas), and the Basque Country has its own winter wizard-Olentzero. Olentzero is dressed in traditional clothes, wears a black beret, and always carries a small flask of good Spanish wine and a pipe of tobacco.

in Germany
St. Nicholas-Santa Claus in Germany
In Germany, the winter holidays come St. Nicholas (Nicholas the Wonderworker) and the Knight Ruprecht. St. Nicholas gives gifts to obedient children, and the Knight Ruprecht gives the parents of disobedient children sticks for punishment.

in Italy
Befana — the witch of winter in Italy
Italian Santa Claus called Babbo Natale, but in addition to it is in Italy another fabulous Christmas character-Befana. Befana is an old witch, but very kind. A little old woman in an old raincoat flies into the house on a broomstick through the chimney and fills the children’s stockings hung from the fireplace with gifts. However, gifts go only to obedient children, and naughty and capricious children Befana puts in stockings ashes and coals. Caring Italians leave on the mantelpiece a glass of wine or a Cup of coffee with cookies for the little witch, Befana, in turn, before leaving can sweep the floor with a magic broom generous host.

in Norway
Julenisse — Santa Claus in Norway
In Norway, Christmas gifts home carries Julenisse. Julenisse is a little old man with a white beard, a sort of Santa dwarf. Gifts carries a magic dwarf in a cart pulled by white Christmas goat, who is called Julebukk.

in Czech Republic
Santa Mikulas — Santa Claus in the Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic there are many fabulous Christmas characters, one of them-Grandfather Mikulas. A kind grandfather with a big snow-white beard carries gifts in a backpack. Grandfather Mikulash comes to the festival not alone: he is accompanied by an angel and an imp. Angel gives gifts to the good children, and shaggy imp jokingly rebukes unruly children.

in Finland
Joulupukki-Santa Claus in Finland
Joulupukki-Santa Claus in Finland. He used to wear goatskin on holidays and deliver presents to children on a Christmas goat. Recently, however, he began to dress like Santa Claus, and the goat was replaced by a team of deer.

in Sweden
Unisar — Santa Claus in Sweden, Jultomten — Santa Claus in Sweden
In Sweden, presents on the holiday spread a hunched old man with a knobby nose of Jultomten and dwarf Alnisar. Gifts for children they leave on the windowsills.

in Iceland
Jolasveinar Icelandic Santas
In Iceland, the gifts children bring funny dwarves Jolasveinar. They leave their presents in the children’s shoes on the windowsills. Naughty children get put in jokers shoes stones, coal or a potato.

in Albania
Babadimri — Santa Claus in Albania
Albanian Santa Claus called Babadimri. Babadimri used to wear Bishop’s clothes, but now dresses like a real Santa Claus.

Now you know almost all the winter wizards from different parts of our planet, and if this year you behaved well, one of them is sure to bring you a gift.

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