Sochi Park
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Meshchersky Park in Moscow
Surprisingly, Meshchersky Park has a rich and interesting history. At different times, the territory of the modern Park was visited by many famous personalities of Russian history - from Ivan…

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Mosh krechun — one Santa Claus in the two countries

In the article “Winter wizards in different countries of the world” we have already told about Santa Claus from Moldova and Romania. This nice old man named Moshe Craciun (father Christmas) wears a red fleece coat and high hat kushma from sheep’s fur, like a General’s hat and on his feet — boots-Postol. Accompanied by magical grandpa granddaughter the snow maiden, and a little lamb.

Mosh krechun is very religious — he spends all his free time praying to God for the triumph of good. In the new year holidays the magic elder gives gifts to children of Moldova and Romania. It turns out that on a festive night he needs to have time to “serve” two countries at once. This is a difficult and responsible job! But if you believe the legends, then the good grandfather is not a job, it is my favourite thing. However, the legends of Krechun in Romania and Moldova are slightly different.

Mosh krechun-Santa Claus in Moldova and Romania
Mosh Craciun in Moldova
Once upon a time there lived a poor but very kind shepherd — Mosh krachun. All he had was a flock of sheep and a dog. Every day, early in the morning, krachun went to the mountains to graze sheep, and so he went around many different places in search of fertile pastures. One evening, as the shepherd and his flock were returning home, a heavy snowstorm struck. Krachun lost his way and got lost. He saw a bright star in the sky, and decided to go to the light of the heavenly body. Soon the shepherd and his flock were in front of a barn on the outskirts of a town. The door was ajar, and the sheep quietly went inside, the elder followed them. Inside, there were many cows and bulls gathered around the manger. In the manger a baby lay on the straw, and beside it a young woman. The animals warmed mother and child with their breath. Grandfather krachun threw off his cloak and carefully covered mother and son.

“Thank you, good man! But you’ll be cold without your jacket, won’t you?! the woman asked.
– Don’t worry about me! I’ll lie down with my sheep and wait for dawn. The storm will pass, and I will continue my journey. Take care of the baby and keep warm! replied Craciun.

In the morning the shepherd wanted to leave quietly so as not to disturb the woman, but she woke up.

– You forgot your jacket, grandpa! “Oh!” said the woman.
“I haven’t forgotten.” I left the casing for you, and I’ll make a new one for myself when I get home. Look how many sheep I have! the shepherd replied.
“Thank you, grandfather.” How can I ever thank you?
“I’m sorry if you thought I did it for a reward.” Any man would have done the same!
— Not at all. I will ask God to repay you for your kindness! the woman said to the shepherd who was leaving with a flock of sheep.

After saying goodbye to the woman, Mosh krachun went home. And suddenly the shepherd felt that some unknown force lifted him above the ground, and he swam as if in the clouds. Suddenly the image of a man with a white beard and kind, piercing eyes appeared before him.

— Welcome to my Kingdom, good man! What’s your name?” “what is it?” asked the stranger.
Mos Craciun. the shepherd replied.
“Well, Mosh krachun, tell me how you have lived your years, what good you have done, what misfortunes you have endured.”

The shepherd realized that before him was God. Falling to his knees, he answered:

“What shall I tell you, Lord?” I lived like other people, tried to do good deeds, but like all mortals, I often made mistakes. Judge me on my merits!
— Get up, Santa Craciun. I can see everyone from here. You’ve lived your life without regret and done good deeds. Last night you covered the child with your cloak, not knowing that it was my son, Jesus Christ.
“I hid him, Lord, because I love children. I always wanted mine, but I never had any.
— I know, grandfather krechun. So I would like to ask you: could you help me make gifts for the children, so that each of them could enjoy the birth of my son?
“Of course, Lord, I will do it with great joy! the shepherd replied.

Since Mosh krechun with the angels watching from heaven how your children are doing, and records crystal clear pen in the big book of good deeds and bad deeds. On the eve of the winter holidays grandfather krachun loads into the sleigh gifts for those children who have no bad deeds or very little, and goes to visit them.

Mosh Craciun — Santa Claus in Moldova
Mosh Craciun in Romania
According to Romanian legend, Mosh krechun sheltered the virgin Mary, and when she gave birth, a good shepherd gave her and the child cheese and milk. Since then, every year Mosh krechun gives good children Christmas gifts.

Mosh Craciun — Santa Claus in Romania
Here it is, Mosh krechun — good Romanian-Moldovan Santa Claus.

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