SDWA aquarium in Sochi
Sochi Discovery World Aquarium (SDWA) is a large aquarium in the Adler district of the famous resort of Sochi. Every day Adler Aquarium is visited by crowds of tourists vacationing…

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Monument to the skater in Yekaterinburg
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Chak-chak Museum in Kazan

In the article “Kazan is the third capital of Russia” we have already answered the questions: “What to do in Kazan?”and” what to see in Kazan?”. Tourists who are going to visit this multifaceted city often ask such questions: “what to try from traditional cuisine in Kazan?”and” what to bring from Kazan?”. One of the answers to the last two questions is chack — chack.

What is chak-chak?
Chak-chak is an Oriental sweetness that is made from dough and honey. Chak-chak is a Tatar national dish. And where, if not in the capital of Tatarstan, is it best to try the Tatar national dish?! In addition, the chak-chak Museum opened in Kazan in 2014.

Chak-chak in Kazan
Chak-chak Museum in Kazan
Chak-chak Museum is located in a two-storey merchant house of the early XIX century in the historical center of Kazan. Inside the Museum recreated the atmosphere of a wealthy Tatar house of the late XIX-early XX centuries. Here, among the centuries-old carpets and chests, you will plunge into the atmosphere of ancient Tatar life and learn a lot about the traditions and customs of the Tatars, as well as the history and secrets of cooking the national dish chak-chak.

Coat of arms of the chak-chak Museum in Kazan
At the chak-chak Museum in Kazan
The themes of fascinating stories in the Museum follow each other like the seasons outside the window:

– in winter you will learn about the ancestors of the Tatars-the Bulgars;
– in the spring you will be told about jewelry and costumes of Kazan Tatars;
– in the summer you will learn all about the wedding ceremony of the Tatars;
“they’ll tell you about the Haymarket in the fall.

Excursion to the chak-chak Museum in Kazan
Chak-chak Museum is not like an ordinary Museum — there are no Windows and signs ” do not touch the Exhibits!”. Almost everything in the Museum can be touched and tested in action, and most importantly – you can cook a sweet chak-chak.

How to cook chak-chak?
You can buy the most delicious chak-chak in Kazan in the souvenir shop of the Museum, and here you can buy and send home or friends a colorful postcard with one of the symbols of the third capital of Russia.

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